The Field of Advanced Courses

Creative Sinology

A1593 The Sinology Culture and Originality (0/2)

This course is designed for students to understand the creative culture industry in Taiwan and also to handle with the original ,creative thinking about  sinology culture through the successful cases. The subjects discussed in class are including eating, closing, vehicle, dwelling, education and entertainment. The successful cases in creative culture industry are including Tian-yuan-di-fang China of state banquet tableware, Franz, Eminem's dyeing shop, white Rice Clog Village, Red House Theater,Huashan1914 Creative Park, He Dong Tang Lion Museum, The Life & business district with MRT, etc.

A2625 Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting and Cultural Creative Industry (2/0)

A2516 Introduction to Mandarin Chinese (0/2)

This course is an introduction to some important theories and techniques in teaching Chinese as a second language. Students will learn (1)What current theories in second language acquisition are, (2) What classroom teaching techniques are, (3)how to develop a pedagogical grammar based on theoretical linguistics, and finally (4)how to examine/evaluate instructional materials.

A3391 Advanced Calligraphy (2/0)


A3394 Introduction on Modern Popular Novels (2/2)

This course is for any student who is interested in popular novels and creative industries. Also this course will help you to get a special proach to understand the phenomenon of cross-boder in different text contents.

A2476 Selected Reading of English-Translated Chinese Novelette (0/2)

This course introduces Chinese short stories translated into English. Chronologically well-known Tang classic Chinese short stories, Ming short stories as well as modern short stories, are selected.

Cultural Tourism

A2450 The Culture Of Jade and Life Value (2/0)

Through studying the culture connotation of the Chinese historic artifacts, students are training to be capable of thinking about causes to the historic key points in the artifacts, so that they could realize the heritage significance and culture value of historic artifacts, and enhance themselves the capability of appreciating and enjoying the cultural splendor of historic artifacts.

A2700 Chinese Jade Culture and Ancient Fine Arts (0/2)

Through studying the culture connotation of the Chinese Jades, students are training to be capable of thinking about causes to the historic key points in the artifacts, so that they could realize the heritage significance and culture value of Chinese Jades , and enhance themselves the capability of appreciating and enjoying the cultural splendor of Chinese Jades.

A2537 Introduction to Digitization of History Data (0/2)

To enable students to experience the work of history data digitalization, and to understand the role of cultural and creative industries.

A2230 Applied History (2/0)

How to use History in industry and job? That is a very important problem. The current course is using from micro-level to macro-level about World history, Asia history, Chinese history, Taiwanese history, teaching students to use history as data, to use skill as tool, by elite, data, tool to combine with media, vividly developing culture industry, and to strong the effects of history.

A0132 History of Chinese Art (2/2)

Through studying the culture connotation of the Chinese historic artifacts, students are training to be capable of thinking about causes to the historic key points in the artifacts, so that they could realize the heritage significance and culture value of historic artifacts, and enhance themselves the capability of appreciating and enjoying the cultural splendor of historic artifacts.

A2641 The Guide of Local Culture and History in Taiwan (2/0)


A2702 Culture Creative Design of Tours in Europe (0/2)

1.Creative Design of Fine Food in Europe 2.Creative Design of scenic spots in Europe 3.Creative Design of Tours in Europe

A2503 The Modern History of Taiwan (2/2)

The course analyses the basic structure of Modern Taiwan's economy, culture, thoughts, literature, arts, social transition to explain how different modern culture in Taiwan were formed.

A2195 Overseas Chinese History on Southeast Asia (2/2)

The course analyzes and compares the politics, societies, economics, and culture construction of different regions in Southeast Asia. Students could learn how to figure out the history of Southeast Asia and make comments with confidence about what kind of contribution and influence was, made by the overseas Chinese who were under multiple complex historic factors and environments of regions in Southeast Asia.

Publishing Innovation

A2588 Digital Archives of The Arts And Literature (0/2)

This course is to give the student an introduction to digital archives, their methodologies, their applications, and their use. Students will learn through readings, lecture, examination and assessment of sources, and discussion.
Students (or teams of students) will construct a small application of digital archives.

A1868 Publishing and Communication in the Book Trade (0/2)

through: classroom lectures, read literature, writing (reports), editing, proofreading, discuss ways to get the traditional publishing and the book industry basic knowledge and skills in the“ Publishing and Communication in the Book Trade”.

M1103 Knowledge Management (2/0)

Provides an awareness of current theories and foundation of knowledge management (KM). Discusses knowledge assets and their value to organizations in terms of products, processes, market and services.

A2190 Government Information and Publication (0/2)

This lecture aims at giving student the understanding of government information and its publishing activities. Based on the regulations of Taiwan RDEC, issues on government information market, policy, copyright, and systems are the main themes to be lectured. However, international issues are included.

A1730 Network Resources and Applications (0/2)

The scope of the course is focused on internet resources and applications, such as search engines invisible web search, e-journals, e-books, institutional repositories, bookmarks, blogs, etc. In addition to the resource, is taking into account also social aspects of this modern phenomenon like: user-oriented production and distribution of Web content, open communication, decentralization, hyperlinking, tagging, sharing and re-use of content and communication as a conversation.

A3406 Introduction to Librarianship & Information Science (2/0)

To understand the functions and purpose of library in changing social and academic environment; including the mission of libraries, the ethical aspects and principles between information providers and clients. The various types of libraries , their internal functions, and the major organizational issues, the information infrastructure, the development of information science, the growth of information technologies, information policy in libraries, the intellectual organization of libraries, and the trend development.

A0718 Information Storage and Retrieval (0/2)

The class aims to provide students with knowledge and techniques in information seeking. From the background understanding of database and how it relates to information storage and retrieval to the actual use of various databases, students will be able to get real-world experiences of performing searches and reference interview by successfully completing a group project. Students will be exposed to both theories and practices in the field of information storage and retrieval.

A2359 Information Literacy (2/0)

Introduction to Information Literacy is an invitation to the study of this world of information; to gain an understanding of how information is organized; know how to gather information; analyze and evaluate its' worth; and use it effectively in research. The course emphasizes a process approach to information search and use, students will study available resources and research methods that help them understand how to use library and Internet resources. Students will formulate a research strategy, develop search skills, and evaluate sources.

Media and Entertainment

A2585 Visual Narrative Project (2/0)

This course is practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. Most stories focus on a specific topic and contain a particular point of view. The stories contain some mixture of images, text, recorded, audio narration, video clips, music  and sound effect. The topics that are used in Digital Storytelling range from personal experience to the recounting of historical events, from exploring life in one’s own community to the search for life in other corners of the universe, and literally, everything in between.

A2520 Cross Media Marketing Planning (2/0)

This course provides the basic introduction about the cross media marketing and the related application. The students will be trained for the planning ability to conduct the cross media marketing campaign.

A2554 Introduction to Marketing (0/2)

The main purpose of this class is trying to enlighten the students on the marketing communications and forward their knowledge about the marketing communications. Hence this class is arranged to introduce the basic concepts, methods and instruments about the marketing communications with the real examples. The students also have lots of chances to practice the marketing communications by the required assignments during the term.

A2524 Storyboarding and Editing of Audio Visual Program (0/2)

The aim of this course is to analyze the basic visual and dramatic components of a shot and the editing principle of a narrative.

A1745 Script Writing For Movie and TV (0/3)

The course will provide a foundation in the basics of the three-act structure, and provide the tools to write one. In order to accomplish this, students will work on analysis, critique, exercises, and writing their own screenplay.

A2281 Popular Culture (0/2)

This course is an introduction to the basic theory and criticism of popular culture.

A3529 Movies Aesthetics (2/0)

This course introduces film theory and criticism as well as its cultural history.

A2384 Special Reporting and Project (0/2)

Had to attend an interview and writing, feature writing information to edit or advanced students of information transmission and expression of course. This course will help students select topics, planning the theme, the establishment of thematic interview outline project proposals put forward to the effective implementation of the completion of the project text or video.
Visit the media production process and workers from the shared experience of practical teaching, and project will be made public assessment of the performance of teachers by the industry.

Digital Content

A2530 Digital Arts and Interface Design (0/2)

The main purpose of this course is to cultivate art sense and stimulate the interest of art creation through the introduction of digital art. The curriculum content contains to introduce the relation between technology and digital art, various types of digital art, and representative artists and works.

A3420 Aesthetic Strategies and Design (2/0)

This course introduces the concept and design principles of esthetic strategies  experiential marketing.

A2364 Principles of Color and Design (2/0)

This course focuses on the basic concepts and practice in color theory and visual design in order to apply both theories in the information and communication or new media.

E0718 Computer Graphics (0/2)

By studying the software Adobe Illustrator and designing commercial design projects, students will understand that the principle of computer graphics, the  concept of layout design, the raise of esthetic sense, and the process of printing  and output system.

A2600 Interactive Marketing (0/2)

This course introduces the core concepts of experiential marketing and fundamental design principles of interactive experiential marketing campaigns.

A2509 Digital Marketing (2/0)

This course introduces the concept of digital marketing and helps students understand the marketing mindset in digital world. The topics cover email, social media, search engine, etc. Also, several cases will be introduced to link the theory and practice to students.

A1718 Message Design (0/2)

This course intends to equip students with the basic concept of information architect and information design through the engineering of instructions, information graphics and the creative game design in treasure-hiding and treasure-hunting.

A3482 Information and Communication Industry Analysis (2/0)

This course introduces the industry analysis tools, core concepts, and real cases used in the management of information and communication areas or related industries.

Project development and management

A2569 Seminar on Global Cultural And Creative Industry (0/2)

This course invites distinguished professionals of cultural and creative industries to share their industrial experiences and insights with students.

A2590 Special Project On Cultural And Creative Industries (2/0)

Based on creative thinking and writing skills, learning from different contexts and media applications, so that students will gain the ability to develop and propose the cultural and creative projects.

A2559 Story-Telling Project (0/2)

Learn how to write a project and a script.