Entertainment industry includes movie, television, radio, advertising, and other related industries. It plays the locomotive role in the culture and creative industries, and through interdisciplinary integrations, for example, the gaming industry, digital content, tourism, merchandise licensing, and other common entertainments seen in everyday life, it greatly enhance the quality of our everyday life and has solid impact on our cultural connotations.

Regarding with entertainment, you must first understand the influence of television programs on the development of culture and creative industries, as well as the basic concept of the production of TV shows. In addition, deep engagements in social observation, and then learning to use creativity to transform your observations into the form of a TV show is also required in order to tell a good story! 

Related careers for the future includes: film and television program planner and developer, interview editor, media content editor, documentary filmmaker, critic, TV and movie screenwriter, entertainer, broadcaster, CD producer, and so on.