Digital Content


According to the《Digital Content White Paper》by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the definition of “Digital Content” refers to using information technology on the digitalization and integration of pictures, text, images, voice, and so on in products or services. 

To put it in simple terms, digital content industry must be the combination of technology, culture, and creativity, and developed into products of the knowledge economy industries that are able to obtain wealth. 

The digital content industry can be divided into eight sub-categories: digital video and audio, computer animation, digital gaming, mobile application services, e-learning, digital publishing and archive, content processing software, and web services.

Recently, the digital content industry is one of the most popular industries out there, its products and services rang from animations, video games, digital learning, mobile network communications, interactive devices, audio and video digitization, database, operating systems, and so on. 

In the era of information explosion, digitization offers people an alternative method for handling, analyzing, presenting, restructuring, and the using of information.