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    Creative Sinology

    Sinology, also known as Chinese studies, traditional Chinese studies, is the study of the Chinese culture, including Chinese history, politics, society, literature, philosophy, economy, and so on. It is also the field of study for the traditional Chinese Department in Taiwan.

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    Culture Overview

    Have you ever heard of the “Culture Overview Industry”? Related courses opened by the field of Culture Overview are strongly linked with the Culture and Tourism Industry. Culture Overview paid close attention to the field of culture and tourism, it is the general non-smokestack industry valued by every nation, regarded as the star industry of the 21st century along with the technology industry.

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    Publishing Innovation

    "Innovative publishing" is a brand new industry concept and idea, generally referred to as the "digital publishing industry”. This idea is not as simple as digitalizing the whole traditional publishing process, the transformation covers the entire concept of issuing, writing, printing, and channel and distribution, outlining the future developments of digital publishing with renewed thinking models on electronics, digitalization, and fully automation. 

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    Entertainment industry includes movie, television, radio, advertising, and other related industries. It plays the locomotive role in the culture and creative industries, and through interdisciplinary integrations, for example, the gaming industry, digital content, tourism, merchandise licensing, and other common entertainments seen in everyday life, it greatly enhance the quality of our everyday life and has solid impact on our cultural connotations.

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    Digital Content

    According to the《Digital Content White Paper》by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the definition of “Digital Content” refers to using information technology on the digitalization and integration of pictures, text, images, voice, and so on in products or services. 

    To put it in simple terms, digital content industry must be the combination of technology, culture, and creativity, and developed into products of the knowledge economy industries that are able to obtain wealth. 


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